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 Hawkins Agri are working in “partnership” with Mastek Ltd. if would like to discuss green bedding and the savings you can achieve please give us a call.

Green Bedding is the use of Separated Undigested Fibre
from livestock manure, directly from a separator, as a
bedding material for dairy cow cubicles.
First used by Cornell University in the early 90's,
Green Bedding is now widely used in the US and
Europe. FAN Green Bedding machines have been in
use in the UK for over 12 years!
In recent years, developments in FAN PSS separator
technology have produced a separator specifically
designed to to provide a consistent dry matter percentage
of at least 36% whilst maintaining a reliable and highly
efficient separation
When combined with Bauer CSP submersible pump technology and high efficiency mixers, Mastek are
able to put together a highly efficient bedding production system to provide the ultimate in cow bedding.

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